Fall 2018 MTES Scholarship Disbursement Timeline

August 15 - Notification was sent to the Financial Aid Office

August 30 - Scholarship check arrived to FFMT office. There is a 14 day processing time from receipt to disbursement. 

September 17 - September 21 - Scholarship funds will be sent to the Financial Aid Office

*Please note that each institution's processing time of scholarship funds is different. If you have questions regarding your institution's disbursement timing, please contact your Financial Aid office or your Primary Contact. 

How It Works

The Minority Teacher Education Scholarship (MTES) is offered to more than 35 institutions throughout the state of Florida.

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The Minority Teacher Education Scholars Program is a collaborative performance-based scholarship program for African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, and Native American students. The participants in the program include Florida’s Florida College System institutions and its public and private universities that have state-approved teacher education programs.